PlayStation VR showpiece launch title ‘Rez Infinite’ supports 4K, 60FPS on PS4 Pro

rez infinite will support 4k 60fps on ps4 pro rezvr
PlayStation virtual reality launch title Rez Infinite will run at 4K resolution with smoother framerates when played using Sony’s upgraded PlayStation 4 Pro console hardware, developer Enhance Games revealed at a recent Tokyo Game Show event.

The revelation confirms widespread speculation regarding PlayStation VR performance and hints that future VR games for Sony’s console platform could also benefit from the PS4 Pro’s added hardware horsepower.

An upgraded version of Sega’s 2001 game Rez, the upcoming Rez Infinite features the same rhythm-driven rail shooter gameplay as its Dreamcast predecessor. Rez Infinite is the latest in a string of Rez remakes, following up on a PlayStation 2 port and an enhanced digital release for the Xbox 360 titled Rez HD.

While Rez Infinite can be played without a virtual reality headset, Sony pitches its included VR support as a key feature. Players who wear Sony’s PlayStation VR helmet during gameplay will be able to observe their surroundings from any angle, bringing new degrees of depth to an already immersive shooter experience.

Given this week’s announcements, Rez Infinite also serves as confirmation that PlayStation VR players will need to invest in PS4 Pro hardware to get the most out of the platform’s upcoming VR games. Sony previously declined to comment regarding the PS4 Pro’s effect on VR titles but after the launch of Rez Infinite, players can expect other VR games to follow suit with boosted framerates and display resolutions.

Enhance Games said Rez Infinite will output at 4K resolution with a consistent 60 frames-per-second performance when powered by the PS4 Pro. The game’s PS4-exclusive Area X level will also see unspecified improvements when rendered in both VR and during traditional 2D gameplay.

In addition to offering improved performance compared to previous ports, Rez Infinite features higher-resolution textures and upgraded graphical detail. Enhance Games also notes Rez Infinite fixes a long-standing audio bug present in Rez HD for the Xbox 360.

Rez Infinite launches alongside Sony’s VR headset on October 13. The PS4 Pro console will hit retail on November 10.


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