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Rocket League is the latest indie hit to land a deal for retail release

rocket league coming to retail this year gall
Rocket League might have been a surprise hit last summer, but its continued popularity comes as far less of a surprise. The game continues to expand its availability, launching on the Xbox One last week, and now it seems that the game will soon be available in a box at a retailer near you.

“We’re going to be announcing very soon that Rocket League’s coming to retail,” Psyonix Studios vice president Jeremy Dunham said on Kinda Funny Games’ Colin and Greg Live. Dunham went on to say that the deal had been signed this week, and that more news will be coming soon. “We’re going to be talking about who our partner is, when [you] can expect to see it, and what comes in that package,” he said.

Psyonix later confirmed this on its Facebook page as well. While it didn’t offer many details, the company did respond to a fan’s question as to why anyone would need a retail version other than for collector’s purposes by saying “We’ll make sure the retail version is special. Stay tuned for more details!”

That wasn’t the only tidbit Dunham shared during the interview, as he also told the hosts that more content would be coming to Rocket League this year. “Awards season is almost over. We’re going to be at SXSW for that and then a couple other ones,” Dunham said. “Once that’s done we’re going to really start focusing on the game.”

Rocket League launched in July for the PlayStation 4 and PC, while the Xbox One version was released earlier this month on February 17. Psyonix confirmed on Facebook that a Mac version of the game is still in the works and that the release is “getting closer,” though no other details were shared.

For more on the retail announcement and on Rocket League in general, see the full episode of Colin and Greg Live on the Kinda Funny Twitch channel.

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