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League of Legends’ latest champion is a void slayer

Riot Games has fully unveiled everything League of Legends players need to know about the next Champion: Bel’Veth the Void Empress.

As her gaudy name suggests, Bel’veth is an all-powerful being from the Void dimension and a brand-new threat to Runeterra. Last week, she got a delightfully eerie cinematic trailer where she spars with Kai’Sa before revealing her true form. How she plays in League of Legends matters just as much as her lore, however. Thankfully, Riot Games released a trailer showing her in action on Monday.

Bel’Veth: The Empress of the Void | Champion Trailer - League of Legends

Today, Riot Games unveiled what all of Bel’Veth’s abilities are. Her passive ability is called Death in Lavender, which increases her attack speed temporarily after using an ability and permanently after defeating a monster or Champion. Her Q-key ability is called Void Surge and makes Bel’Veth dash forward, damaging everyone she hits. Bel’Veth’s W-key ability is Above and Below, where she slams her tail on the ground to damage and slow any enemies while reducing Void Surge’s cooldown. The E-key ability is Royal Maelstrom, where Bel’Veth lets out a flurry of quick slashes that deal more damage to those with low health and increase her damage reduction and life steal. 

Finally, Bel’Veth has an ultimate ability called Endless Banquet, which she’ll need Void Coral from killing monsters and champions to be able to use. With Endless Banquet, Bel’Veth explodes while transforming into her True Form, damaging and slowing the enemies around her. True Form Bel’Veth will turn enemies she kills into Voidlings that fight alongside her, and she gains increased health, move speed, attack range, and attack speed. Overall, Bel’Veth seems like a ferocious attacker that you won’t want to take on alone at low health. 

Bel’Veth the Void Empress will be added to League of Legends on June 9.

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