Rockstar says no more heists for Grand Theft Auto V

Today’s installment of Rockstar’s regular Asked and Answered feature offered fans some clarification on a couple of major topics of discussion in relation to Grand Theft Auto V. The first was confirmation that players wouldn’t be banned for using single player mods, while the second pertained to some of the best content the game has to offer — its heists.

Heists were among the most highly praised elements of the game back when it released in 2013. Since then, critical response and fan requests prompted Rockstar to offer multi-player co-op heists that could be played online with a ground of friends.

This content was very warmly received, but the road to its release was rather tumultuous. The work was being juggled with development of new versions of the game for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, as well as the recently released PC port. That meant that the Heists were only available some eighteen months after the game first launched, at which point the patience of some fans had been stretched to its limits.

This week, one fan asked whether new heists were in the works, and Rockstar supplied a rather direct answer. The content was described as a “huge undertaking,” and it was suggested that fans shouldn’t expect any more to be added any time soon, although plenty more content is set to be added to GTA Online.

Some will be disappointed, but many will simply be interested as to what is in the works. A regular schedule of new vehicles, weaponry and jobs for GTA Online is presumed, but there’s been plenty of speculation that single-player DLC could be on its way to Los Santos too. Rockstar has yet to comment officially, but with the game now out on all scheduled platforms, it’s likely that we’ll hear more about the future of Grand Theft Auto V sooner rather than later.