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Rode launches streaming and gaming division with new mic line, software

Rode — the Australian company known for high-quality audio equipment for video, studio recording, and podcasting — announced today that it is launching a new division focused entirely on streaming and gaming.

Rode X, the company’s first sub-brand, will have its own specialized research and development department. The line will kick off with three products: Unify, a virtual mixing solution custom-designed for streaming; the XDM-100 dynamic USB microphone; and the XCM-50 condenser USB microphone. The new line has been in development for over three years.

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Unify is a game-changing streaming studio software that allows for routing and mixing up to four USB microphones or other audio devices and up to six virtual audio sources (including game, chat, music and browser applications) in one intuitive interface. The easy-to-use software gives streamers advanced, studio-level control over the audio production of their stream. The software comes free with all RØDE X products or is available for purchase as a monthly or yearly subscription for use with any other USB audio product.

“Unify is a huge step forward for streaming and gaming audio technology,” said Rode senior product manager Chris Beech. “Throughout development, we spent countless hours researching exactly what streamers and gamers need from audio software and worked tirelessly to implement every feature while ensuring it is as simple to use as possible. From professional streamers with complex technical requirements to casual gamers who want to take their audio to the next level, Unify is the perfect solution.”

The XDM-100 is a professional dynamic USB microphone that delivers rich, broadcast-quality audio with “superior rejection of room noise and keyboard or mouse clicks.” The XCM-50 is a condenser USB microphone that’s a bit smaller than the XDM-100, but still packs a punch.

Both microphones feature powerful internal digital signal processing (DSP), which can be unlocked using Unify. This allows users to add advanced Aphex audio processing to their voice –including a compressor, noise gate, high-pass filter, and more — with full granular control over every parameter for crafting their own signature sound. This feature will come with a software update in late 2022.

“The launch of RØDE X marks an exciting new era for RØDE,” said Rode CEO Damien Wilson. “In addition to these two incredible microphones and Unify, we have a suite of groundbreaking products currently in development that are going to shape the future of audio for streaming and gaming. This is just the beginning.”

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