Take ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ to the next level with these 20 mods

The PC version of Grand Theft Auto V offers many advantages over the console release. Better graphics, improved multiplayer, and support for higher resolutions are among them. Yet all of these pale in comparison to the most important advantage of all: Modifications.

An open-world game like GTA V begs to be modded, and for the first time, that’s possible. Naturally, it has led to plenty of insanity that can multiply the game’s fun factor or increase its longevity. Here are the current top 20 must-have mods.

Script Hook V and Native Trainer

If you’re going to download any mods, download this first. Script Hook V makes the game’s scripts available to others, and so is a requirement for some GTA V mods (often, they’ll bundle the scripthook .dll just to be sure). This mod also gives you access to a feature-rich trainer that can turn you into a virtual god, and isn’t causing chaos half the fun of a sandbox game?

Marlowe Valley Safehouse

This mod turns Marlowe Valley into a luxurious safehouse that also happens to have an airport and adjacent runway. With garages — including a tuning garage — and parking spaces to store more than 50 cars, Marlowe Valley becomes a hideout fit for a high roller. There’s even a military bunker, apartment, and a garden area designed for festivities. You’ll need the Menyoo mod to make it work.

Liberty City

The Liberty City mod turns the world of GTA V into GTA IV, resetting the game map as Grand Theft Auto IV’s Liberty City. The mod is currently in Alpha, and thus has some kinks that need to be worked out. It’s an interesting experiment that is certainly worth checking out for those interested in returning to the iconic Liberty City. There’s also a different Liberty City mod on the horizon to look out for.

World Improvement

GTA V already looks phenomenal, and even functions as somewhat of a moving portrait when you aren’t around, but this mod boosts the realism. It focuses on small details, like additional trees in places like Rockford Hills. It also adds new characters, and AI routines, such as police searches through Paleto Forest and car crashes around Los Santos. The best part about this mod? It receives new updates to introduce tiny — but profound — details regularly, so Los Santos will evolve, just like a real city would.


The Superhot mod transplants Superhot’s innovative time-stopping mechanics into GTA V. When you stop moving, time stands still. While it seems like an odd choice for an open-world game like GTA V, the Superhot mod feels right at home when in close quarters combat. When back in the long game, you can toggle the mod off with the press of a button and resume normal play.


GTA V has a rich, open-world narrative, but it remains relatively linear throughout. The GTA V RPG mod adds a non-linear story and skill progression system that makes it feel closer to Fallout than Grand Theft Auto. For starters, you can choose between three character classes. As you progress through missions using the mod’s quest system, you use skill trees to upgrade your character and weapons. There’s even dialogue trees with NPCs, and randomly-generated loot and items.

The Red House

If you find that replaying single player missions is growing stale, The Red House mod features an abundance of new content to stave off boredom. The mod adds more than 20 missions to the game, including a new heist. Some missions even include NPC bodyguards that assist you in your endeavors. An update, called the “Blue House,” added a set of stealth-oriented missions to the mod. All in all, the mission variety is solid, and well worth your time.

Open All Interiors

Are you tired of not being able to enter the Sandy Shores sheriff department, or any other locked building? The Open All Interiors mod gives you full range of access to those previously off-limits places. What’s most remarkable part is that the mod repopulates all these spaces, even the ones which were removed before launch and never meant to be seen.

Map Editor

Your wish is your command with this GTA V map editor. With the use of a free-roaming cam, you can easily place cars, ramps, and even animals throughout Los Santos, then hop in and play with your experiments. It’s a robust tool with a myriad of options, but best of all, it’s intuitive and simple to use.

Endeavor Menu

The Endeavor mod gives you a well-designed debug menu, which gives you the power to summon any asset from the game whenever you want, turning Los Santos into your personal playground. Toggle it on and you can easily make any vehicle, gun, or item materialize in front of your eyes. You can also elevate your character to max stats, and remove police officers from the game. There are some zany aspects of it, too, like granting you the ability to drive across water or the power of shooting cash bags from your gun.

Winter Wonderland

GTA V doesn’t change seasons, as it’s perpetually in a status that could be described as anything but winter. This mod turns Los Santos into a winter wonderland covered with fresh powder. Your cars will even make tracks in the snow. If you want a holiday vibe, this is the way to go.

Vehicle Controller

The experience of flying and driving in GTA V is a massive leap over previous games in the series, but players still don’t have full control over their ride. Doors, interior lights and the engine operate are on auto-pilot. Vehicle Controller provides full control over all these functions and adds an important function every real modern car has: Cruise control!

Szabo’s Persistence Mod

We tuned our ride the moment the Xbox version of GTA V gave us the option. To our dismay, though, the car disappeared soon afterwards, as the game thought we meant to save another car we hijacked instead. This mod changes the game’s behavior so that’s no longer a problem, and lets you choose multiple rides instead of just one.

Tuning Mod

While you can tune your cars, the options available have their limits, and there’s significant focus on functional enhancements. This modification let players go crazy with aesthetic modifications like oversized axles and wheels. It’s a great way to push your design skills to the limit – or simply see how crazy you can get before you break your car.

Pedestrian Riot

GTA: San Andreas had a cheat that made pedestrians go bonkers. It was hilarious to watch. Predictably, an intrepid modder has gone out of his way to re-create that experience. With the flip of a switch you can send everyone into insanity, creating chaos wherever you go. The mod gives them weapons, too, so be careful!

Field-of-view mod

For the first time ever in the series, GTA V offers a first-person mode. Far from a tack-on, Rockstar put a lot of effort into making it work just like a real first-person shooter. One thing they missed, though, is dynamic field-of-view adjustment. The default FOV is a bit narrow, which makes some players feel claustrophobic, and others motion sick. With this mod you can change the FOV to whatever setting is comfortable for you.

Gravity Gun

Do you want a gravity gun? Well, of course you do! With this modification, which does exactly what it says and no more, you can send cars, trucks and even pedestrians flying across the map. It’s not the most effective weapon, to be honest, but it is the most fun. For added hilarity, try The Inner Force mod, which can levitate everything around you.

Bodyguard Menu

Why go it alone, when you can have a team backing you up? This mod can spawn a variety of NPCs who will follow you around and assist you in whatever you’re doing. You can command them to do your bidding, or just stand around in formation looking tough. Up to seven bodyguards will follow you, but you can still spawn more after that. Creating an army just after you rouse up a 4-star police rating can be a literal riot.

Police Mod

Why does Grand Theft Auto assume you want to be a criminal? With this mod you can act as the long arm of the law. It lets you skin yourself as a cop, spawn a partner, choose a police vehicle, and listen to a police scanner. You can’t pull over vehicles or go on missions just yet. Hopefully that will be possible in future versions.

Heist Vehicles Spawn Naturally

Heists are a popular feature in GTA V’s online mode. Many of them include unique vehicles. But what if you’re not interested in online play, and still want to use the vehicles? This mod lets you do just that. It doesn’t just give them to you off the bat, though; they spawn in certain areas for you to discover. Or if you just want to jump in, you can view the modder’s list of locations.

Updated on 4-5-2017 by Steven Petite: Added 10 new mods