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The Sims 4 will host an in-game music festival where artists perform in Simlish

The Sims 4 will host an in-game music festival this summer as part of the new Sims Sessions program. The show will feature artists like Bebe Rexha performing their songs in the game — sung entirely in Simlish.

The Sims franchise has a long history of partnering with musicians to create Simlish versions of their songs. Since 2004, artists like The Flaming Lips and Katy Perry have recorded versions of their songs sung in the fictional language. A Simlish version of Be Sweet by Japanese Breakfast recently appeared in a trailer for the The Sims 4‘s latest expansion. According to EA, this will be the first time Simlish tracks will debut in-game.

The festival will run from June 29 to July 7 and be headlined by Grammy nominated artist Rexha. It will also feature Dave Bayley of Glass Animals and Joy Oladokun. According to the event’s website, the show will function like a true music festival where fans will be able to camp out, buy merchandise, and watch artists perform on a stage.

There will be a social component on TikTok. Users can participate in karaoke sessions that allow them to post side-by-side duets with Rexha, who may repost some entries.

EA calls the event a “next evolution for music in The Sims,” but the idea of digital concerts is becoming more common in games. Last year, Fortnite opened the doors for potential gaming music events with its hugely successful Travis Scott concert, which brought in over 45 million viewers.

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