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EA wants your help to test the next Skate game

Publisher Electronic Arts and developer Full Circle have released a new video for the upcoming Skate game, with early “pre-pre-alpha” footage. The developer assures fans it’s still working on the highly anticipated game and is even requesting play testers to assist in the game’s creation.

Still Working On It | skate.

To sign up to be a play tester, you need to visit the EA website. Users are instructed to provide feedback throughout the game’s development to ensure Skate lives up to its expectations. On the signup page, EA requests that play testers do not share any information tied to Skate, as the game is still “early” in development.

As part of the newly released video, EA notes that it’s committed to listening to fans. Most of the footage shown was still in the early stages, but there were a few shots that appeared to be more polished.

During the video, EA says it wants to give players “more freedom” and “more ways to express yourself” in the upcoming game. It’s unclear what that will look like in the final build, but it’s heartening to know EA is listening to the community.

The new Skate game was announced in 2020, alongside EA studio Full Circle, which is leading development on the upcoming game. At the time, there wasn’t much to show, and based on the recent footage, it still seems like the game won’t be finished for a while. The previous entry in the series, Skate 3, launched in 2010 and since then, fans have been clamoring for a new installment.

Hopefully, with the assistance of play testers, Skate can live up to years of hype from skateboarding fans.

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