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All Skull and Bones beta rewards

If you want to get a taste of the pirate life awaiting in Skull and Bones before investing any of your own loot on purchasing the game, you will no doubt be interested in its open beta. This short taste of the game lets you play the opening portion of the full package alone or with friends to take part in a few of the activities included in the full release. Not only will any progress you make in the beta carry over if you decide to get the full game, but there are also some exclusive rewards you can get for yourself during the beta that will become available on launch. Some you may get on accident, others not so much. With the beta window closing soon, we’ve charted out all the rewards you need to make sure to claim before it ends.

All Skull and Bones beta rewards

A list of beta rewards for Skull and Bones.

Five rewards are up for grabs during the Skull and Bones open beta. After you’ve met the requirements for one or all of them, you will find the items in your inventory upon starting up the full game. Here are each of the rewards and what you need to do to get them.

  • Sir Reginald Grim Sail emblem — Reach Tier 2
  • Tarred Sail pattern — Reach tier 4
  • Sign Language emote — Reach tier 6
  • “Cookie” the Lemur pet — Sail a medium ship
  • “Basilisk I” Culverin ship weapon — Participate in a world event

Make sure you get them all before the open beta ends on Sunday, February 11!

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