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Sonic Frontiers is getting new playable characters and story content next year

Sega revealed the roadmap of all the new content that’s coming to Sonic Frontiers in 2023. The company shared a graphic on the official Sonic Twitter account on Wednesday, showing three separate updates that will come with new features, modes, character skins, and other exciting new content throughout the year.

New modes, new Koco, new…playable characters!? More Sonic Frontiers content coming your way next year!

— Sonic the Hedgehog (@sonic_hedgehog) November 30, 2022

The first update will come with the Juke Box, Photo Mode, and new challenge modes that will further test your speed and strength as you come up against more powerful foes. The second update will be content themed around Sonic’s birthday in June, a new open zone challenge that appears to be a timed challenge, and new Koco to round up. The last update will give a brand new story to play through and allow you to play as Tails, Knuckles, and Amy Rose.

Before the new content comes out, though, you can download the free Holiday Cheer Suit DLC, which will have Sonic donning his iconic Santa Claus outfit from the Sonic Adventure era to spread holiday cheer across Starfall Islands. The Santa suit will be available on December 21.

Sonic wearing the Holiday Cheer Suit in Sonic Frontiers.

The new content roadmap for Sonic Frontiers comes on the heels of a collaboration with Capcom to bring Monster Hunter DLC to the game, which includes two costumes inspired by the series’ most famous monster, Rathalos, and a cooking minigame where you can roast barbeque on a spit. This surprise led fans to speculate that the game would have more content and collaborations in the future.

All three content updates are free to all Sonic Frontiers players at no extra cost. Details on the exact release date and specifics for each update will be revealed at a later date.

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