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Sonic Frontiers and Monster Hunter cross over with free DLC

Sega announced that Sonic Frontiers will be getting some free Monster Hunter DLC as part of a collaboration with Capcom. It’s a costume and item set that looks equal parts stylish and delicious.

The free Monster Hunter DLC will be released at 5 PM on November 14 and gives Sonic two costumes modeled after Rathalos, one of the series’ most iconic beasts. The original Rathalos armor covers Sonic from head to toe with scales and horns, while the Felyne Rathalos Armor removes the mouthpiece and scaly trousers. Capcom and Sega released artwork of Sonic wearing the Felyne armor.

Time to get cooking!@monsterhunter DLC is coming to Sonic Frontiers November 14th, at 5pm PST – for free!

— Sonic the Hedgehog (@sonic_hedgehog) October 11, 2022

The DLC will also come with the BBQ Spit item, which unlocks a meat-grilling game that will give Sonic a power-up that will help him on his adventure. The power-up players will receive will change depending on how players perform in the minigame. The Monster Hunter DLC is the first of its kind to be announced for Sonic Frontiers; hopefully, it isn’t the last collaboration the game gets. As for other Sonic Frontiers DLC, Sega is giving people who sign up for the Sonic Frontiers newsletter by January 21, 2023, a DLC code to unlock the blue hedgehog’s Sonic Adventure 2 shoes.

The free DLC appears to be a form of Sega returning the favor to Capcom for putting in Sonic-themed DLC in Monster Hunter Rise in honor of the Blue Blur’s 30th anniversary last November. At the time, players got to put outfits modeled after Sonic on their avatars and Palico partners and collect rings throughout the game.

Sonic Frontiers will be released for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch on November 8.

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