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Monster Hunter Wilds: release date speculation, trailers, gameplay, and more

It is time to sharpen your blades, stock up on potions, and eat a hearty meal because a new hunt is approaching. Monster Hunter Wilds was revealed at The Game Awards 2023, and it looks to be the biggest and baddest entry in the entire hunting genre. Ever since the series hit it big with Monster Hunter World, it has attracted fans the world over. Some were a little disappointed with the last entry, Monster Hunter Rise, due to it first coming to Switch before being ported to PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles at a later date. This time, Capcom doesn’t seem to be holding back, so let’s follow the tracks and hunt down all the details about Monster Hunter Wilds.

Release date speculation

A hunter riding a monster in the desert.

We don’t have a firm date for when you can set out on your first hunt in Monster Hunter Wilds, though we know it will be sometime in the summer of 2024.


A hunter on a mount gliding in a storm.

Unlike Rise, Monster Hunter Wilds will come to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC at launch. This time it appears Switch owners will, unfortunately, be left out.


Monster Hunter Wilds - Official Reveal Trailer

Our official reveal trailer for Monster Hunter Wilds showcases some massive environments with equally massive monsters inhabiting it. We follow a character racing atop some new monster mount as a stampede of monsters chase them through the desert and a massive wall of clouds approaches. This causes a lightning storm, only further adding to the chaos. In total, it is a very brief tease with a lot left to speculate on.


A monster hunter dodging lightning.

The reveal trailer lacked what most would hope for, which is actual monster hunting. Instead, we do get hints at some new mechanics. Mounts have been in the series before, but this new one also looks far more nimble as it leaps and bounces around the environment, as well as glides. Considering the size of the world, mounts are likely to be an essential part of your hunting experience.

While it’s unclear how it will exactly work, we suspect dynamic weather will also play a huge factor in how your hunts progress. The lightning storm featured in the trailer showed just how deadly the weather can be.

The Monster Hunter series is known for its deep and intricate weapons system, but for now we haven’t seen which will be returning or what new ones we can look forward to.


Summer 2024 isn’t too far off, but preorders for Monster Hunter Wilds are not yet available. Once a set release date is announced, we will update you on how you can reserve your copy.

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