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First Sonic the Hedgehog movie trailer shows Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik

The Sonic the Hedgehog live-action film is out this November, and Paramount Pictures has released the first trailer. It features the furry blue hero as well as Jim Carrey as the mad scientist Dr. Robotnik, and if you’ve been a fan of the series since it debuted in 1991, you’re going to want to sit down. The first Sonic the Hedgehog trailer is terrifying in a unique way, and it all starts with Sonic himself.

The trailer opens with Tom Wachowski — played by James Marsden — spotting Sonic running down a highway at high speed and leaving an electrified quill behind. While practicing his sprinting to the tune of Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise,” Sonic inadvertently knocks out power in a large section of the United States, prompting the military to turn to Dr. Robotnik to solve the problem.

Carrey is clearly having fun as the mustached villain, hamming it up with comebacks and one-liners, and Ben Schwartz (Parks and Recreation) sounds like a great fit for Sonic. However, the character design for the hedgehog is far different from what we’ve seen in the games. In addition to Sonic’s eyes being separated and quite far apart on his face, he appears to have a mouth full of human teeth. That being said, he does use his famous Spin Dash attack during a car chase with Robotnik, so there’s a chance we could see some more elements aimed at longtime players.

Sonic The Hedgehog (2019) - Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures

For those hoping for characters who look similar to the games, make sure you stick around for the final moments of the trailer. Robotnik will apparently undergo a massive makeover, complete with a shaved head and a much larger mustache. Perhaps Sonic will go through something similar, possibly including a leg-shortening operation, but we aren’t holding our breath.

Sonic the Hedgehog will certainly have some competition this year in the video game film adaptation department. Pokémon: Detective Pikachu opens on May 10, and buzz thus far has largely been positive. Looking into the future, Illumination and Nintendo have also partnered to create an animated Super Mario film, which will hopefully be more successful than the panned 1993 live-action movie.

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