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Sony is apparently issuing refunds to Anthem players on PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 owners who have had just about enough of the myriad issues surrounding Anthem may apparently request for a refund from Sony, according to some users on Reddit.

A Reddit user who goes by the name forthemasters created a thread on the Anthem sub-Reddit to vent about some of the problems with the game on the PlayStation 4. The Redditor claimed that upon encountering a crash or an error, the game sometimes went back to the main menu, or closed and brought up the PlayStation 4 dashboard. There were allegedly also certain instances during matchmaking that the console completely turned off. EA doesn’t seem to know why Anthem is causing this to happen to PS4 players.

Another Redditor, Terry2Toke, encountered the same console shutdown issue, adding that it happens as if the PlayStation 4’s power plug was pulled out of the socket. That means that the console needs to fix itself, as well as the attached external HDD. This raises the concern that there is a risk that the PlayStation 4 will suffer damages.

It appears that Sony is aware of the problems that Anthem players on the PS4 are facing, and apparently, it is easy to receive a refund for digital copies of game purchased through the PlayStation Store.

A Reddit user who goes by the handle SoundAndFury 87 claimed that Sony is offering a complete refund for Anthem, “no questions asked,” with the process taking only 5 minutes.

Another frustrated Anthem player, bluetidepro, confirmed that it was easy to get a refund for the “broken” game, after telling Sony’s support chat that it has crashed the PlayStation 4 multiple times. It took about 10 to 15 minutes of waiting in the queue, but the support team helped immediately and, after being provided account information, quickly refunded the game.

Not all users who tried to get a refund for Anthem were granted the request though. It remains unclear what PlayStation 4 players have to say to receive approval for their refund request.

Sony actually has a strict policy when it comes to refunds for digital downloads. The last major game that received a rash of refund requests was No Man’s Sky, and BioWare likely does not want Anthem to be in the same company as that controversial game.

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