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Sony says PlayStation 5 will be world’s fastest console, then takes it back

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There is little question that the upcoming PlayStation 5 system is going to be powerful — after all, it will be capable of 8K resolution with ray tracing support. A job posting for a Sony position took an even bolder stance, however, claiming it would be the world’s fastest console. Or at least it claimed to be before that line was removed from the posting.

Spotted by the International Business Times, the job posting for a senior cloud engineering manager at PlayStation originally mentioned that it would involve working on the PS5, which it called the world’s fastest console.

This line was later removed from the posting, however, as was direct mention of the new console. Instead, it now says that the applicant will be “managing distributed systems that are powering 100+ million PS4 consoles that deliver immersive gaming experiences.”

The removal of any mention of the PS5 is odd, because Sony has not only revealed the console’s name, but also many of its technical capabilities. The console will use a CPU based on AMD’s Ryzen line, for instance, while the GPU will be based on the Radeon Navi line. Because it is ditching a hard drive for a special SDD capable of launching and loading games quite quickly, Sony might truly be developing the world’s fastest console.

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It will face competition from Microsoft’s Xbox Scarlett system, however, which does not yet have a final name. The rumored and official specifications information we’ve heard thus far point to the system being about on par with Sony’s machine, but we will have to wait before we know exactly what Microsoft is including under the hood of Project Scarlett.

The Xbox One X, for instance, was significantly more powerful than the PS4 Pro, capable of running certain games at 4K resolution and a full 60 frames per second. Given the limitations of the original Xbox One versus the first version of the PS4, we anticipate Microsoft will not make the same mistake twice.

Both the PS5 and the Xbox Scarlett are planned to launch in the holiday season next year. No final release date has yet been given from either company, but we will likely learn more over the next few months.

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