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Sony’s PlayStation 5 event date may have leaked

Sony may hold its PlayStation 5 “The Future of Gaming” event this week, according to a new leak.

Sony apparently published a video ad on Twitch promoting its PlayStation 5 event for 1 p.m. PT on Thursday, June 11. The ad, which was discovered earlier today by Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad, features a rotating PlayStation 5 DualSense controller. The ad didn’t include any details for the event, but did say it will stream live on Sony’s PlayStation 5 site.

The tech giant did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Digital Trends .

The Future of Gaming event had been scheduled for last Thursday June 4, but Sony postponed it to support Black Lives Matter and national protests against racial injustice. Sony didn’t say last week when it would reschedule the event, but it did promise to showcase an hour of footage from upcoming PlayStation 5 games.

Sony was one of several gaming companies to postpone events over the past week. Electronic Arts planned to hold its Madden NFL 21 unveiling event on June 1 but decided against it in light of the protests. Infinity Ward was set to release its Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 4 last Wednesday, June 3, but pushed it back indefinitely. And Take-Two Interactive shut down its online gameplay for two hours on June 4 in support of Black Lives Matter.

Whether Sony will actually hold its PlayStation 5 event this week in doubt. EA planned to hold its EA Play Live event this Thursday, June 11, but nixed the plan. It’s now holding the event on June 18. If Sony decides to hold its event on Thursday, however, some may wonder why the company would holed that event the same day that EA vacated in response to the protests.

Sony has been slow to release details about its PlayStation 5 plans. The company still hasn’t revealed what the console will look like, how much it’ll cost, and exactly when it’ll reach stores. Sony says The Future of Gaming event will be the first of several livestreams that aim at revealing important PlayStation 5 details. The company is expected to only focus on games at The Future of Gaming, and turn to hardware in subsequent announcements.

Updated on June 8, 2020: Added more details about Sony’s possible plans for The Future of Gaming and why it postponed the first event.

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