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Sony cancels PS5 event as U.S. unrest grows

Sony has canceled the PlayStation 5 event set for June 4 amid the growing social unrest in the United States.

“While we understand gamers worldwide are excited to see PS5 games, we do not feel that right now is a time for celebration and ,for now, we want to stand back and allow more important voices to be heard,” Sony’s official Playstation account tweeted.

The online event, titled The Future of Gaming, was to focus on some of the games that will be released alongside the PlayStation 5 later this year. Gamers were hoping to catch a glimpse of what the upcoming console would offer, but potential details such as its design and price tag will have to wait a bit longer.

Sony’s cancellation of the PlayStation 5 event follows a similar move by Google, which postponed its planned livestream for the launch of the Android 11 beta.

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