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Two-step verification now live for PSN, enable it now

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Because Sony has a tendency to get hacked, it may not be a bad idea for users to throw in an extra security step for good measure.

Sony has just enabled two-step verification on the PlayStation Network, giving users an extra layer of protection.

You can enable it by going to Settings -> Playstation Network Account Management -> Account information -> Security. There, you should see a new 2-step option. If not, check that your Playstation firmware is up to date.

Two-step verification is a form of security that has users confirming their identity on two separate devices. In recent years it has popularly been enabled via cell phones. Using either authentication apps or text messages, users can confirm that they themselves are the ones trying to login to their account. The service will send a message to their phone with a code, and that code is used to authenticate. Many companies now use two-step verification, including Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

Back in 2011, the PlayStation Network was hit with a major hack, compromising 77 million registered users. It forced Sony to shut down the network for two months as it tried to get things under control. It forced many users to call their banks and get new credit cards sent. It also came to light that the PSN was painfully unsecure. Later that year, the PSN was hit with another attack, albeit it wasn’t as disastrous as the first one.

Just last year, Sony Pictures was hit with a massive email hack, leaking millions of emails onto the internet. They revealed the inner bickering of Sony executives, and details of how many movie projects were stifled by corporate meddling.

Sony isn’t the only company in gaming with two-step verification. Xbox users can enable two-step on their Microsoft accounts as well. Nintendo has yet to enable two-step verification, but considering the way in which things are going, it wouldn’t be too surprising if it enables it sooner rather than later.

Users can enable two-step on their PlayStation 4’s under the Account Management menu, or enable it online.

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