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Marvel’s Avengers finally adds Spider-Man this month

After over a year from being initially announced, Spider-Man will be available as a playable character for PlayStation players in Marvel’s Avengers on November 30. There will also be a new event available for players as well as the game’s first raid: The Discordant Sound.

Spider-Man was first announced for Marvel’s Avengers back in August 2020. After that announcement, we got very little information about the wallcrawler. Crystal Dynamics’ road map for Marvel’s Avengers earlier this year was the only other time players were officially told that Spider-Man was still on his way to the game. Alongside the new hero, players also have a new event that they can play. The With Great Power Hero Event will act as a story campaign for Spider-Man and can be used as an introduction to the hero’s unique playstyle.

Besides Spider-Man, Marvel’s Avengers players will finally get their hands on the game’s first raid, the Discordant Sound. Raids are known to be more difficult than the usual content and require more coordination and players in order to accomplish. Marvel’s Avengers will have players face off against Klaw and conclude his story from the War for Wakanda expansion. Crystal Dynamics promises that the raid will challenge players with combat and puzzles. Included in this new update will be more cosmetic options for players as well as a new enemy type known as echoes.

The new update including Spider-Man and the Discordant Sound raid will be available for Marvel’s Avengers on November 30. Spider-Man is only available for PS4 and PS5 players.

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