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Waiting for Resident Evil Village’s DLC? Get Resident Evil 3 for 67% off

The Steam Summer Sale is giving tons of gamers the chance to try out games they may have missed out on in the past, and one of those amazing titles that’s available is Resident Evil 3, which is on sale for 67% off right now. This is the perfect time to check this one out, especially if Resident Evil Village left you wanting more survival horror.

Jill Valentine looking in the mirror.

Resident Evil 3 is a big-budget remake of one of the earlier PlayStation One titles that made the franchise so popular. It features the legendary character of the series, Jill Valentine, in the leading role, trying to survive against a horde of zombies and the iconic bioweapon Nemesis. The game also includes the 1v4 multiplayer mode, Resident Evil Resistance, where three players all try to survive and defeat the last player who is controlling all kinds of traps and zombies.

Upon its initial release, many platers said the game felt a bit too short despite the great gameplay, and thought that a lower price would make it an more enticing buy. At just $20, it’s currently at the perfect price point for the content that’s included.

For those that are new to the series and wish to get into more of the titles, Resident Evil 3 is a highly recommended starting point for the legendary franchise. Many other Resident Evil titles are currently on sale, too, so there are a few options available for curious horror fans.

The Steam Summer Sale runs until July 8, so make sure to grab Resident Evil 3 for $20 while you can.

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