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Stray: How to earn the Curiosity Killed the Cat trophy

Cats are always sticking their heads where they don't belong, and you'll have a chance to do it yourself in Stray. Indeed, earning the Curiosity Killed the Cat trophy requires you to find and stick your head in a paper bag, which results in you stumbling about with inverted controls momentarily until you automatically manage to shake it off.




5 minutes

You can obtain the Curiosity Killed the Cat trophy as early as your first visit to the Slums, and that location serves as one of the easiest places to find paper bags. If you're looking to knock this trophy out, look no further, as we've got you covered on exactly where you can shove your head into a bag.

stray bag trophy

Where and how to earn the Curiosity Killed the Cat trophy

To get the Curiosity Killed the Cat trophy, you'll need to first find a paper bag, so make your way to the Slums during your adventure or use chapter selection to load up the area. There are multiple bags in this area, but for the sake of ease, we'll point you to a specific one for quick and easy completion.

Step 1: Make your way to the area with the Guardian in a red robe, who you encountered when you entered the Slums for the very first time.

Step 2: Facing him, turn left and stroll down the steps until you see the musician nearby.

Step 3: Against a pillar next to the musician is a paper bag, and when you approach it, it will display a prompt. Press the corresponding button and you'll get your head stuck, which should pop the Curiosity Killed the Cat trophy for you.

While your head is stuck in the paper bag, your controls will be inverted. Don't worry, though, as you'll soon shake the bag off and be able to resume some more feline hijinks.

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