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‘Monster Hunter: World’ costumes will be up for grabs in ‘Street Fighter V’

street fighter v monster hunter crossover
To celebrate Friday’s arrival of Monster Hunter: World, Capcom plans to inject Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition with a few Monster Hunter-themed costumes. Ken, R. Mika, and Ibuki will each receive a new costume based on one of the giant beasts from Monster Hunter: World in the coming months.

Ken’s costume comes from the dragon Rathalos, so it makes sense that a fighter like Ken, who lobs fireballs, gets to put on the red-scaled suit. R. Mika’s special costume hails from Zinogre, a large canine who can summon the power of a charged electric attack, which isn’t all that different than R. Mika’s own charge move, called mic performance. Ibuki’s costume, based on the Elder Dragon Kirin, is more of a symbolic match. Both possess grace and nimbleness.

To unlock each character’s costume, Street Fighter V players will need to win them in the game’s newly introduced Extra Battle Mode. Specifically designed for the purpose of earning crossover costumes, Extra Battle Mode features limited-time fight challenges. A wager of 2,500 worth of in-game currency must be placed to attempt each challenge.

Capturing the spirit of Monster Hunter: World‘s grind, players must complete four challenges over the span of a month to win each character’s costume.

Ken’s challenge dates:

  • Challenge 1: February 27 to March 8
  • Challenge 2: March 8-15
  • Challenge 3: March 15-22
  • Challenge 4: March 22-29

R. Mika’s challenge dates:

  • Challenge 1: March 8-15
  • Challenge 2: March 15-22
  • Challenge 3: March 22-29
  • Challenge 4: March 29 to April 5

Ibuki’s challenge dates:

  • Challenge 1: March 15-22
  • Challenge 2: March 22-29
  • Challenge 3: March 29 to April 5
  • Challenge 4: April 5-12

With R. Mika’s and Ibuki’s challenge periods overlapping, make sure to stockpile your fight money to give yourself the best chance to unlock all three of the costumes. As of now, Extra Battle Mode will be the only path toward snagging the Monster Hunter-themed costumes.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition launched January 16 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC for $40, or as a free update for those who owned the original version of the game.

And for those who pick up Monster Hunter: World at launch, you can also nab crossover costumes, but not from Street Fighter V. PlayStation 4 hunters can try the special event quest dubbed “Lessons of the Wild” from January 26 to February 8. If successful, your Palico, an adorable kitten sidekick, can wear armor based on Horizon Zero Dawn‘s Watcher enemies. A future crossover event will turn your hunter into Horizon’s protagonist, Aloy.

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