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Street Fighter V modders have already brought back R. Mika's 'butt slap'

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A Street Fighter V modder has found a way to surface a pair of animations, which were altered for the North American version of the game over concerns they might make some players uncomfortable.

As part of the game’s on-again, off-again pre-release beta, developer Capcom modified a throw animation for fighter R. Mika, which showed her turning and slapping her bare butt cheek, before she and tag-team partner Nadeshiko body-slam their opponent and force them to do a split. In the North American game, R. Mika’s butt isn’t shown, and the opposing fighter does not do a split. The developer also altered a shot from Cammy’s entrance animation, which focused directly on her crotch. As Eurogamer pointed out, the changes triggered a debate with the fighting game community over the notion that Capcom had “censored” the game for western audiences. Here are a pair of videos showing the difference between the original and altered versions.

R. Mika Censored?! - Street Fighter V 5 - SFV/SF5
Cammy Censored?! - Street Fighter V

Less than a week after release, Redditor CENAWINSLOL has posted instructions on how to add the animations back into the PC version of the game. CENAWINSLOL also warned users that, while it works, the mod may make the game unplayable online or earn them a ban from Capcom.

“I have no idea what Capcom’s official policy on mods like this are so I don’t know if you’ll be banned or not. Consider that a warning,” CENAWINSLOL said. “Also, I have no idea if this will cause online desyncs. I doubt it will since all I did here was replace the camera animation file with the one from the betas but it could fuck up online for you. Basically, make sure you have a backup and use this shit at your own risk.”

Here is a very short clip of the R. Mika mod in action:

Return of the Butt Slap!

Street Fighter V is available now on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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