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All Special World entrances in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Super Mario Bros. Wonder does an excellent job of ensuring that its thrilling levels are suitable for gamers of all ages, but if you’re looking to test your mettle just a bit more than usual, you can check out the game’s more challenging Special World. This more difficult collection of stages can only be accessed by finding their respective hidden entrances, though, so you won’t be able to visit them without a bit of effort.

When you’re ready to uncover all of the Special World entrances, check out our list below.

Pipe-Rock Plateau Special World Entrance

A secret exit appears in Super Mario Bros. Wonder's first world.

To find the Pipe-Rock Plateau Special World entrance, you’ll need to find the secret exit in Bulrush Express. This will require you to play through the level and use an Elephant Fruit at the end to open an otherwise impenetrable pathway. Once you’ve found the secret exit in Bulrush Express, though, the rest is very straightforward. Simply clear the levels heading up the mountain here until you reach the Special World entrance at the peak.

Fluff-Puff Peaks Special World Entrance

A map in Super Mario Bros. Wonder shows Fluff Fluff Peak.

To find the Fluff-Puff Speaks Special World entrance, you’ll merely have to clear some levels on the far right of the clouds. After beating all of these, you’ll eventually unlock the Special World entrance at the end. Easy enough!

Shining Falls Special World Entrance

A secret exit appears in a Super Mario Bros. Wonder world.

To find the Shining Falls Special World entrance, you’ll first need to earn the Royal Seed by completing the world. After doing so, return to the Royal Seed Mansion stage to witness a new event that will open the pathway to a Special World entry point.

Sunbaked Desert Special World Entrance

Mario stands on a Secret World exit in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

To find the Sunbaked Desert Special World entrance, head to the right side of the structure standing in the desert. You’ll need to repair a bridge using Flower Coins, which will unlock a set of levels starting with Secrets of Shova Mansion. As you beat these stages, you’ll soon find that they lead you to the entrance with no extra work involved.

Fungi Mine Special World Entrance

Mario stands on a secret exit in Fungi Mines in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

To find the Fungi Mine Special World entrance, you’ll first have to complete the world and earn the Royal Seed. Afterward, return to the Operation Poplin Rescue stage to watch a freshly added cutscene that will reveal the next entry point into the Special World.

Deep Mountain Bog Special World Entrance

Mario stands on a secret world exit in the final world of Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

To find the Deep Mountain Bog Special World entrance, you’ll need to make your way to the far bottom left of this world. Even once you’ve made your way down to this part of the map, you’ll need to clear an awful lot of stages to the left (starting with Wavy Ride through the Magma Tunnel) before reaching your destination. Eventually, though, you’ll uncover this Special World and be ready to head through.

Petal Isles Special World Entrance

Mario stands in the Petal Islands overworld in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

To find the Petal Isle Special World entrance, you’ll first need to complete the Spelunking! Wiggler Race level, which can be found right beside the Deep Mountain Bog entrance. Immediately, after completing the race, a cutscene will point out the location of a brand-new Special World entrance nearby.

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