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Watch Bowser deride Mario’s choice of wedding attire in ‘Super Mario Odyssey’

Bowser holds Peach in Super Mario Odyssey.
No matter which costume you decide to use to crash Bowser’s wedding at the end of Super Mario Odyssey, the giant lizard is not happy about it. However, depending on what you’re wearing, you may be treated to a unique line of dialogue as Bowser dresses Mario down for his choice of outfit.

It ‘s important to note that the following video by Youtuber Zephiel810 contains spoilers for the game. It doesn’t go beyond the introduction of the final boss, but does reveal the vast array of outfits that Mario can acquire throughout the game. If you haven’t beaten Odyssey yet, it may be better to skip this one.

If you do watch though, what you’ll see is Bowser’s response to every single costume that Mario can wear during the end boss fight.

No matter which outfit you come sporting, Bowser begins his spiel with his signature laugh and the line, “Crashing the wedding, Mario? That’s tacky, even for you!” What follows though can be altered by Mario’s costume. If he’s wearing the invisibility hat, Bowser will say, “Huh? Where’d you go?”

He then follows it up with the standard response of, “Not that it matters, since you weren’t invited!” And this is followed by the zinger: “Now it’s time to make like a bouquet and get thrown out!”

Other outfits that can trigger a custom response from the big guy include Bowser’s tuxedo and the wedding dress. In the case of the latter, Bowser considers his mustachioed foe to be quite fetching in the white get up, and who wouldn’t agree with him? The floral and facial-hair combination is a sure-fire way to make a statement at any large gathering.

There are a few more outfits which share responses, where Bowser suggests Mario looks familiar, isn’t dressed fancily enough for the occasion, or is wearing a particularly scary outfit — apparently he’s not a fan of Mario donning a swimsuit to attend the nuptial ceremony. He’s not scared though. He wants that to be perfectly clear.

Giving Bowser a few custom responses at this stage in the game is a nice touch that makes the variety of potential outfits for Mario feel like a real part of the game world rather than just a reskin. It’s also a nice nod to other characters within the Mario universe, something that Odyssey does very well.

Stuck trying to beat Bowser no matter what outfit you wear? Here are some tips and tricks to help you out.

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