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Your ‘Superhot’ fan creation could get you a $50,000 contract

Superhot was one of the most creative games released in 2016, flipping the first-person shooter genre on its head with a unique time mechanic that made every level a strategic affair. In the months since its release, it has attracted a fair amount of user-created content, and one skilled fan will be able to win a $50,000 publishing contract for their hard work.

Make It Superhot” is a new competition giving both artists and modders a chance to show off their very best Superhot creations to the world. Until February 26, the game’s developers will be taking submissions in two separate categories — “games & mods” and “arts & crafts.”

The “arts & crafts” category is, as you’d imagine, looking for the very best user-created artwork, which is judged on its creativity, skill, as well as how much inspiration it takes from the game itself. Though most entries thus far have been images, essentially any type of visual art (including dancing) is fair game. The three winners in this category have the opportunity to win some cash, a new MSI keyboard, and even an Xbox One console.

Perhaps our favorite piece of artwork submitted thus far is “Mr. Anderson,” which reimagines the world of The Matrix as a level in the game. Green text pours down the screen as agents wait to close in on the player.

In the “games & mods” category, the rewards are even greater. In addition to cash, keyboards, GPUs, and CPUs, users who submit their game or mod will have chance to receive a $50,000 publishing contract from Superhot publisher IMGN.PRO.

The competition is pretty fierce thus far. One user has created a Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas game mode that stops time until the player moves, opening the door for massive police shootouts not possible when the game is running at its normal speed.

Landfall Games, the team behind Clustertruck, even created the game Supertruck. “Trucks only move when you move,” and they’re all red to match the simple aesthetic of the shooter.

The first 50 “approved entries” across both categories will receive free Superhot gear, regardless of whether or not their content wins any other prizes. You are allowed to submit multiple pieces of content.

Superhot is out now on Xbox One, PC, as well as Oculus Rift as Superhot VR.

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