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Huge ‘Superhot VR’ update returns fans to time-freezing bullet hell

The stylish time-freezing shooter Superhot VR is getting a massive update next month, one an official Oculus blog post called the “first” of what will hopefully be many throughout 2017.

The Superhot February update will give fans a reason to return to the well-received VR game, and provide new players with more incentive to check it out. The update adds “new play modes and challenges,” including versions of the game in which enemies can only be killed with headshots or must be defeated without the use of guns at all, score challenges, and a “hardcore” mode in which enemies are faster and you have less time to react.

According to the announcement the “most insane” new challenge is 10-minute mode, which tasks you with completing the entire game in 10 minutes or less. No doubt it will provide the game’s most hardcore players with a good reason to strap their headsets back on, though to some it might also highlight how little content the game really has if it’s possible to beat in just 10 minutes.

Regardless, these tidbits are apparently “just a taste” of what’s in the update, implying that there will be even more to discover.

It’s great to see one of the strongest virtual reality games get some meaty post-launch support. And the fact that the announcement appeared on the official Oculus blog, rather than the Superhot Team’s own channels, implies that the VR company is working with developers who are making the effort to support their communities (as Road to VR pointed out).

The standard, non-VR version of Superhot was released early in 2016 before the VR version hit the Oculus store in December in time with the Oculus Touch controllers launch. Just last week the developer and game modding site Mod DB announced the “Make it Superhot” contest, which seeks player creations in the “games & mods” and “arts & crafts” categories. At the time of writing fans have more than a month still to submit their creations for the chance to win a $50,000 publishing contract.

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