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League of Legends auto-battler Teamfight Tactics goes mobile on Android, iOS

Teamfight Tactics, Riot Games’ auto-battler set in the League of Legends universe, has finally arrived on mobile devices with Android and iOS versions now available for downloads in their respective app stores.

Teamfight Tactics Mobile | Launch Trailer - Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics for mobile may be linked to players’ Riot Accounts on the PC to carry over purchases, ranks, experience, and inventory between the two platforms. This includes the Galaxies Pass+, which unlocks additional cosmetics for players to earn. The store on mobile is not yet complete, though Riot Games said that it will be available soon.

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The mechanics of the mobile and PC versions of Teamfight Tactics are nearly identical, with the only major difference being the type of currency that players use to purchase cosmetic upgrades. While players earn and spend Riot Points, or RP, on the PC, the mobile version of the auto-battler will display players’ local currencies, with costs converted to the nearest RP equivalent.

Riot Games has also changed the minimum specifications for Teamfight Tactics on mobile. On the iOS, the game may be played using the iPhone 6s or newer, while on Android, it requires at least 2GB of RAM, Android 7 or later, Open GL version 3 or later, and a 64-bit OS. Teamfight Tactics was previously released for beta testing on Android, so players using older Android phones may want to check if their device still supports the game.

The auto-battler genre, also known as auto chess, started as a mod for DOTA 2. It has since spawned numerous titles, including DOTA Underlords from Valve and Teamfight Tactics from Riot Games. In auto-battlers, players select characters, upgrade them, equip them with items, and place them on the battlefield. The combat, however, is entirely out of players’ hands, while the characters battle it out to determine the last team standing.

In addition to Teamfight Tactics, Riot Games is working to bring League of Legends to mobile as League of Legends: Wild Rift, which is expected to arrive within the year. The studio has also released Legends of Runeterra, a digital card game, on open beta in January, and is developing its entry into the hero shooter genre, Valorant.

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Bel’Veth: The Empress of the Void | Champion Trailer - League of Legends
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