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A Terminator survival game set after Judgment Day is in the works

A new, unnamed open-world Terminator project is in the works at Nacon Studio Milan, according to a trailer and announcement from the Nacon Connect 2022 showcase held today. The game was revealed alongside a short teaser trailer, which depicts a deadly looking T-800 cyborg menacingly walking into an abandoned warehouse as the Terminator theme song plays.

Terminator Survival Project | Reveal Trailer

The game — being referred to only as Terminator Survival Project for now — will incorporate survival game elements and is aiming to launch on consoles and PC. Nacon did not specify a release window, only noting that it’ll launch “in the distant future.” The trailer itself doesn’t show much but does offer a glimpse at how this game might end up looking when it does come out. According to IGN, the unnamed Terminator game will take place between the events of Judgment Day and the creation of John Connor’s resistance. It will feature an original story, and will build upon the films.

The last Terminator game was Terminator: Resistance, a first-person shooter that launched in 2019. Resistance was developed by Polish studio Teyon and received poor reviews upon release, but it has gained a cult following. Before that, a game based on Terminator: Salvation came out in 2009 and was also poorly received. Here’s hoping the new survival game does better than its predecessors.

This isn’t the only game based on ’80s action films that Nacon has in development. The publisher is also working on RoboCop: Rogue City, which is being created by the aforementioned Teyon. Nacon is best known for its work on the WRC games, as well as the upcoming Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown.

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