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The best Warzone 2.0 perk packages

Since its launch, Perks in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 have been broken. Even after securing your loadout, certain Perks would fail to activate, resulting in an entirely useless mechanic overall. Thankfully, Raven Software has finally issued a patch that fixes Perk Packages, allowing players to make use of these bonus abilities.

Now that Perk Packages work properly in Warzone 2.0, you should be aware of the best options to maximize your performance and hopefully get more wins. These are the best Perk Packages in Warzone 2.0.

Warzone 2.0 Perk list

First, let’s go over all the Warzone 2.0 Perks available in each Perk Package. Keep in mind, unlike the first Warzone or Modern Warfare II multiplayer, you cannot select individual Perks across each tier in Warzone 2.0. Instead, you’re restricted to various Perk Packages, each with preset Perks that you cannot change.

Base Perks

  • Overkill: Carry two primary weapons
  • Double Time: Double the duration of Tactical Sprint. Increase crouch movement speed by 30%.
  • Battle Hardened: Reduce the effect of enemy Flas, Stun, EMP, Gas Grenades, and Shock Sticks. Immune to Snapshot Grenades.
  • Scavenger: Resupply ammo and throwing knives from dead players.
  • Bomb Squad: Take reduced damage from non-Killstreak explosives. Reset fuse timers when picking up live grenades.
  • Tracker: Enemies leave behind a footprint trail, and enemy death markers are visible. Kill markers are hidden from enemy team.
  • Strong Arm: Throw equipment farther, and see a preview of the trajectory.

Bonus Perks

  • Resupply: Spawn with an additional Lethal. Equipment recharges over 25 seconds.
  • Spotter: Spot enemy equipment, Field Upgrades, and Killstreaks through walls. Aiming down sights highlights them for the team. Hack enemy Claymores, Proximity Mines, C4, and Trophy Systems.
  • Cold-Blooded: Undetectable by AI targeting systems, and thermal optics. Does not trigger High Alert warning. Does not highlight in enemy Tactical Cameras, Recon Drones, and Spotter Scopes.
  • Fast Hands: Reload, use equipment, and swap weapons faster.
  • Focus: Reduce flinch when aiming down sights and extend Hold Breath duration.

Ultimate Perks

  • High Alert: Vision pulses when spotted by an enemy player outside of view.
  • Ghost: Undetectable by UAVs, Portable Radars, and Heartbeat Sensors.
  • Quick Fix: Killing players or inserting a plate immediately starts health regeneration.
  • Survivor: Enemies that down you get automatically pinged. Get revived faster by allies.
  • Birdseye: UAV and Radar Pings reveal the enemy’s direction.

The best Perk Packages

The Recon Perk Package in Warzone 2.0.


  • Double Time
  • Bomb Squad
  • Resupply
  • High Alert

Vanguard has a lot going for it, including Double Time, and Bomb Squad, which are highly effective, regardless of your playstyle. The main draw here is Resupply, allowing you to recharge your equipment every 30 seconds. This gives you a major advantage, especially if you utilize Snapshot Grenades. High Alert is great, too, as it’ll prevent enemies from sneaking up on you.


  • Scavenger
  • Strong Arm
  • Fast Hands
  • High Alert

While Scavenger and Strong Arm aren’t too useful, Fast Hands is invaluable, making Commando an effective Perk Package. This Perk is useful in nearly every situation, allowing you to reload, use equipment, and weapon swap faster. Plus, this Package comes with High Alert, which — as we’ve mentioned above — is excellent.


  • Double Time
  • Tracker
  • Spotter
  • Ghost

Tracker is decent, as it’ll allow you to find enemies hiding from you inside buildings, but the real draw of Specter is Ghost. This classic Perk makes you undetectable UAVs, Portable Radars, and Heartbeat Sensors, making you harder to track. Spotter is decent, too, it’ll prevent you from dying from Claymores or Proximity Mines. But Ghost is the real star of the Perk Package.


  • Double Time
  • Tracker
  • Focus
  • Birdseye

Finally, we advise using Recon since it’s the only Perk Package with Birdseye. This Perk allows UAV and Radar Pings to reveal the enemy’s direction, which sounds decent enough — but what isn’t stated in the Perk description is that any UAV will trigger this Perk — not just your team’s. So if an enemy UAV is called and you’re within its radius, you’ll see them on the minimap, which is huge, especially during late-game situations.

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