The Darkness II gains a release date

the darkness ii gains a release date 2The Darkness is returning…early next year. Earlier today 2K Games officially issued a release date for The Darkness II, the sequel to the 2007 first-person shooter. Originally the game was tentatively set for Fall of this year, but no firm date was ever given and release dates are subject to change (just look at Gran Turismo 5, which we are still somewhat surprised was actually released).

The Darkness II takes places two years after the events of the first game, which left protagonist Jackie Estacado in charge of a powerful Mafia family in New York. As a result of his powers, his rise to power was not without casualties, and so Jackie has buried the Darkness within him. But a mysterious man named Viktor wants the Darkness for himself, and is more than willing to go through Jackie to get it.

Although based on the Top Cow of the same name, the game will have an original story written by comics writer Paul Jenkins, who spent a few years as the writer for The Darkness comic.

We’ve had the chance to check the game out a few times now, including recently in New York, and again at E3.

Look for The Darkness II on February 7 for PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and possibly Wii U.