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Dragon’s Dogma 2: Release date, trailers, gameplay, and more

In a world where even the smallest audiences are being catered to with sequels like Neo: The World Ends With you and No More Heroes 3, there’s basically no game that doesn’t have a chance to come back in some form. In one of the latest examples, a small but passionate fanbase has been waiting patiently for a sequel to the very ambitious Dragon’s Dogma. This action RPG came out next to some stiff competition in 2012, and despite having some great mechanics and systems plus a re-release, it never hit mainstream success. With the creator and director moving on to work on other games, this series was presumed dead for a long time.

As soon as Capcom announced that they would be celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Dragon’s Dogma, fans immediately predicted the announcement of a sequel. After all, why else would they celebrate an anniversary for a franchise they had no intention of continuing? As it turns out, we were all correct. Dragon’s Dogma 2 is finally being worked on. The excitement of this announcement has spilled out beyond the fans of the original, leading many to wonder why they should be excited about this sequel. For all that and more, here’s everything we know about Dragon’s Dogma 2.

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Release date

A dragon flying in the sunrise.

The unfortunate part of the announcement for Dragon’s Dogma 2 is that this is likely still a long way off from being completed. The biggest clue to this is that the game was revealed not with a trailer or even concept art, but with a T-shirt. Game director Hideaki Itsuno last worked on Devil May Cry 5, which was fully completed with the special edition late in 2020. It is possible development started on Dragon’s Dogma 2 somewhere around then, but even if it did, we still guess we’d have about three more years before we’ll see it.

The only message Itsuno had on the development was that “Everyone in the development team is hard at work creating a game that we hope you will enjoy. Please look forward to it!”


Dragon's Dogma player fighting an enemy.

We don’t have any confirmation on what platforms Dragon’s Dogma 2 will come to, but it will almost certainly be a multiplatform game for current-gen systems. We expect both PS5 and Xbox Series X/S players to get it, and hopefully, a PC version at the same time as well since that has become much more common. Based on how far off we expect it, don’t hold out hope for there being a PS4, Xbox One, or Switch version.


10 Years of Dragon's Dogma

Dragon’s Dogma 2 doesn’t technically even have a trailer yet. Its reveal came during a special 10th-anniversary video for the first game hosted by Itsuno. In the video, he expresses his gratitude to all the fans and goes on to share some details about how that original title was made.

You can check out the video yourself, but it is almost a short history of Itsuno’s career and inspirations. It is all very interesting but not exactly related to Dragon’s Dogma 2.

The very end of the video, however, is where they make their important announcement of Dragon’s Dogma 2 by unveiling T-shirts with the game’s logo. Itsuno says he’s “Sorry to keep you waiting. Dragon’s Dogma 2 is currently in development!”

While this seems strange, it isn’t the first time Capcom has revealed a game this way. Resident Evil 2: Remake was also initially revealed via a T-shirt, so perhaps this is a new marketing tactic for the company.

Story-wise, who knows what this game will be about. It may or may not have any relation to the first, making it impossible to speculate at this time.


A chimera fighting soldiers.

All we know about Dragon’s Dogma 2 is that it will be developed on the RE Engine, which has powered such titles as all the Resident Evil games from 7 onward, as well as the upcoming Street Fighter 6 and more.

As far as gameplay, we hope many of the things that made the first game so unique and memorable are brought back. The ability to scale any enemy and attack them is still a mechanic not often seen but incredibly tense and satisfying. Even though most enemies weren’t exactly colossus-sized, they were still giant enough to make this mechanic exhilarating. Then there’s the pawn system where you create your own NPC companion that other players can summon into their games to help them. These pawns could learn details about enemies and areas and give actual advice to both you and anyone who summoned them.

Finally, Dragon’s Dogma 2 will hopefully expand on the RPG and open world of the first. The world in that game was incredibly dangerous, and nighttime was a genuinely terrifying time to be caught out in the world. It was dark, and not video game dark, but realistically dark to the point where you could barely see a few feet ahead of you unless you had some light source. Monsters were vicious, and you didn’t have much room to make mistakes.


A fantasy party walking near a castle.

If Dragon’s Dogma 2 is like the first, multiplayer will be completely asynchronous. However, if they want to go beyond just the pawn system and actually let players team up, then we’d be all for it. At the very least, multiplayer will probably be an optional feature, much like it is in the Souls games.


We’re multiple years away from Dragon’s Dogma 2, sadly, so it will be a long time yet before pre-orders are open. Whenever that time does finally come, however, we will be sure to share all the editions, prices, and anything else you need to know right here.

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