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First ‘The Last of Us: Part II’ gameplay shows just how deadly Ellie has become

We anticipated Sony would end the PlayStation E3 2018 press conference with a look at The Last of Us: Part II, but the company instead showed Naughty Dog’s latest post-apocalyptic game to kick off the show. The gameplay trailer gave us our first look at The Last of Us: Part II in action, and it emphasized how deadly Ellie has become since the events of the first game.

Beginning in a church during a small party, we’re introduced to an older Ellie, who waits patiently for her girlfriend to approach her for a dance. Ellie remarks that people are staring at them together, but her partner doesn’t seem to mind. The two share a kiss before a very sudden transition occurs.

Next, Ellie is in a forest hiding from several enemies who appear to be murdering survivors nearby. Bodies hang nearby, and as Ellie creeps through the bushes, she sees a still-alive hanging man have his intestines ripped out with a knife.

Ellie sneaks into a nearby building and hides behind a car, but she soon has to engage in melee combat against multiple baddies. After dodging a few attacks and stabbing one through the throat with her knife, she kills another with a hammer that is left hanging in his face. This attracts the attention of those nearby, so she quickly leaves the building and hides under a car — when a woman approaches and checks underneath, Ellie opens fire and begins wreaking havoc on the other enemies.

After running out of ammo, Ellie briefly takes a nearby woman hostage and uses her as a human shield to protect herself from fire, and after killing several more people — including one with a slash from a machete — the footage cuts back to Ellie and her partner kissing. It’s quite the contrast, and seems to emphasize the ideal world Ellie would like versus the one she has. It isn’t clear when the party footage takes place, but Ellie seems to be around the same age.

No release date has been given for The Last of Us: Part II, but the game is coming exclusively to PlayStation 4.

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