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The Last of Us Part II: Where to find every weapon

Seeing as how shooting is one of the central mechanics of The Last of Us Part II, you won’t get far without an arsenal of weapons. While the game is designed for you to stealthily get around enemies, there are sections in which you must engage in firearm combat — whether you use a bow, rifle, or even a flamethrower. However, some of the game’s weapons are easily overlooked and are hidden in clever locations, which is why you’ll want to be thorough when exploring your surroundings.


Or you can use this guide we’ve put together, highlighting all 12 weapons in the game and where to find them. It’s recommended to find them all, because — as befits a survival game — there is limited ammo throughout The Last of Us Part II. The more weapons you have, the less you have to worry about being left defenseless, since ammo is scarce.

This guide does contain some spoilers, so if you’re wanting to go into the game absolutely blind, you might want to wait until you finish the game before referring to it. The game does feature chapter select, so it’s not the end of the world if you miss a weapon. Simply load the correct chapter from the main menu to grab the weapon you missed.

Here are all of the weapons in The Last of Us Part II and where to find them.

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These are the six weapons Ellie can use:

  • Semi-Auto Pistol
  • Bolt-Action Rifle
  • Revolver
  • Pump Shotgun
  • Bow
  • Silenced Submachine Gun

Semi-Auto Pistol

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You start the game with the Semi-Auto Pistol, and it cannot be missed. This weapon will be your bread and butter throughout the game, so be sure to always be on the lookout for ammo and try to upgrade it at the various workbenches you encounter.

Bolt-Action Rifle

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Same as above, the Bolt-Action Rifle is given to you at the start of the game and cannot be missed. Try to grab the 6x scope and damage upgrades for this weapon when you can, for maximum effectiveness.


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It’s unlikely you’d miss the Revolver, as it’s found in the same box as Joel’s watch in the Packing Up chapter. You’ll get it in Joel’s bedroom when visiting his house, before leaving Jackson. If you do forget to pick it up out of Joel’s box, you’ll have a chance to grab it when you reach Seattle.

Pump Shotgun

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The Pump Shotgun is the first weapon you might miss. It’s found in the Downtown chapter inside the Westlake Bank vault on Seattle Day 1. The bank is located toward the southern portion of downtown. When you enter, head to the vault door and use the code 60-23-06 to get inside. The shotgun will be found on a corpse on the ground in front of you after you enter.

Alternatively, if you miss the grabbing the Pump Shotgun in the bank vault, players have reported being able to pick it up in the TV station from a WLF corpse later on in the game.


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The Bow is yet another hard-to-miss weapon you’ll acquire toward the end of the Hillcrest chapter. You’ll enter a house and will be attacked by a Clicker who will drop the bow. Grab the weapon from its corpse after you take out the enemy.

Silenced Submachine Gun

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The last weapon you’ll get in the game is the Silenced Submachine Gun. It’s acquired in The Resort chapter of the game and cannot be missed.


One of The Last of Us Part II’s biggest twists is getting to play as Abby for a large portion of the game. She plays similarly to Ellie, but has access to a completely different set of weapons and upgrades. Again, you can miss some of these weapons while playing as Abby. The list is as follows:

  • Military Pistol
  • Semi-Auto Rifle
  • Hunting Pistol
  • Double Barrel Shotgun
  • Crossbow
  • Flamethrower

Military Pistol

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The Military Pistol is one of the two firearms you start out with and cannot be missed. We recommend you craft silencers for it when possible.

Semi-Auto Rifle

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The second unmissable weapon you’ll get immediate access to is the Semi-Auto Rifle. Be sure to upgrade this one to allow for a triple burst shot when you can, as it’s highly effective against enemies.

Hunting Pistol

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It’s quite easy to miss the Hunting Pistol. It’s found in the On Foot chapter inside a safe. There’s a section in which you and your two comrades must pass a broken gate that leads to the left and downhill toward the train yard. Before you actually go down the hill, look to the right and you’ll see a building with a crack in the wall. Head inside to find the safe. The combination is 17-38-07. This section is after the part in which you must use the boat to climb up to the warehouse’s roof.

Double Barrel Shotgun

The Double Barrel Shotgun is also missable and can be found in the Hostile Territory chapter. It’s found in the Chinatown section after you cross to the upper floor of a previously inaccessible building. From the top floor, you’ll find a huge hole in the ground, so jump down and look for the weapon behind the counter at the front desk area.


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You can’t miss the Crossbow. It’s found in The Coast chapter and is picked up while you’re in the wrecked ship.


The final weapon you’ll come across in Abby’s story is the Flamethrower, which is found in The Descent chapter. It’s a little tricky to find since this area is hard to navigate, but it’s located after you use the fire hose to descend. Once you’ve dropped down using the hose, you’ll need to go down one more floor and head all the way to the back area, through a room (you’ll have to squeeze by a door) and across a beam that leads to a large hole in the wall. The Flamethrower is found on a corpse on the left once you pass the hole.

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