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Titanfall franchise takes another shot at mobile gaming with 'Titanfall Assault'

titanfall assault announced mobile titanfallassault
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Titanfall and Titanfall 2 are two of the best multiplayer games of this generation, and the sequel even managed to deliver a stellar campaign for those looking to play solo. Thus far, the franchise hasn’t had any luck transitioning to mobile platforms, but Respawn Entertainment, Nexon, and Particle City are giving it another go with Titanfall Assault.

A real-time strategy that combines elements from online card games, Titanfall Assault tasks players with assembling the “ultimate deck” of both human Pilots and mechanical Titans to defeat enemy players and conquer “The Frontier.” The game will feature multiple maps, presumably recreating famous multiplayer levels seen in the main series, and features well known Titan classes like “Atlas,” “Ronin,” and “Ion.” Each has a number by their card’s image, which could be a material cost that must be spent in order to deploy them.

The Titanfall series’ signature gritty art style appears to be kept mostly intact in Titanfall Assault, with environments still generally looking like their console and PC counterparts. The Titans and Pilots are slightly shrunk down, almost like Halo and Destiny characters are when turned into Mega Bloks, but it will be tough to notice in the heat of battle.

Strangely, Titanfall Assault will make use of “Burn Cards” in decks. This feature was present in the first Titanfall but was criticized for its randomness and was subsequently removed for the sequel.

Previously, Respawn, Nexon, and Particle City had partnered to develop Titanfall Frontline, a card game that ran a beta test through January before it was canceled. The game’s visual style bears quite a resemblance to Assault, but the structure was more akin to something like Hearthstone. Perhaps real-time action will enable the game to more accurately capture the intense and frantic pace of a Titanfall 2 multiplayer match.

No release date has been given for Titanfall Assault, but you can sign up to preregister on the game’s website. It will launch on both iOS and Google Play.

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