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Twitch is shutting down its desktop app in April

In a rare move, streaming platform Twitch is scaling back its services. According to an email sent out to users, Twitch’s desktop app is being shut down on April 30, leaving the streaming service’s website,, as the lone way to watch streams on its platform for PC users.

Twitch’s email to Twitch Desktop App users specifically states that the decision was made “based on usage and community feedback.” We have reached out to Twitch regarding how many people used the Desktop App and how it gathered this community feedback and will update the article when we hear back.

On a page going over how to detail the desktop app, Twitch said that the decision to drop it all together “allows us to invest more heavily in enhancing and adding new ways to engage with the creators and communities you care about.”

Later in the email, Twitch urges desktop app users to start watching streams through browsers, though it’s clear why some avoided that option in the first place. Browsers typically use more RAM in computers (especially for Google Chrome users) than independent apps do.

While Twitch shutting down its desktop app likely isn’t some kind of grim omen for the company, Twitch has found itself bleeding talent lately. Some of its top streamers, including Ludwig, TimTheTatman, DrLupo, Valkyrae, and others have left the platform to stream exclusively on YouTube. Despite the loss of so many big names, users still flock to Twitch to watch streams. In 2021, the platform saw a 45% increase in hours watched, with a total of 24 billion views.

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MultiVersus to shut down in June ahead of relaunch in 2024
Batman holding Shaggy.

MultiVersus' Open Beta is getting shut down on June 25, but the game isn't shutting down for good. Instead, developer Player First Games and publisher WB Games are taking MultiVersus offline ahead of a planned relaunch in early 2024.
MultiVersus - Open Beta Update
The fighting game, which is Warner Bros. version of Super Smash Bros., launched last year to some acclaim from fans and critics. Despite an initial wave of popularity, the game's active player base tanked in 2023, dropping by 99% at one point. Now, the game will largely go offline while the developers work towards an official 1.0 release. Game director Tony Huynh explained the unusual move in a video and FAQ detailing what's next.
"There is still a lot of work to do, and we have a clearer view on where we need to focus, specifically on the content cadence of new characters, maps, and modes to provide more ways to enjoy the game, along with netcode and matchmaking improvements," says Huynh. "We’ll also be reworking the progression system and looking at new ways for players to connect with friends in the game ... As part of this process, we’ll be pausing updates and taking the game offline as we prepare for the launch of MultiVersus, which we are targeting for early 2024."
After June 25, those who have MultiVersus downloaded will only be able to play offline modes like training and local multiplayer. The game will no longer be available to download and premium currency Gleamium will no longer be available for purchase after April 4. To compensate, MultiVersus' Season 2 battle pass is being extended until March 25, and all purchased items and progression will be carried over to next year's launch. 
While players got the impression that MultiVersus was going to stay live from open beta through its 1.0 launch, that is apparently not the case. Hopefully, Player First Games and WB Games stick to their word and do eventually re-release the game, as it could be better with some much-needed improvements. 
MultiVersus' Open Beta ends on June 25, with the full game's launch slated for early 2024. 

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Twitch streamer’s ‘ultimate’ Elden Ring run involves two copies and a dance pad
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Twitch streamer MissMikka has begun the "Ultimate Challenge Run" of Elden Ring, in which she attempts to play two versions of the game simultaneously -- one using a PlayStation 5 5 controller and the other with a dance pad.

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Blaseball makes its absurd return in January with a dedicated mobile app
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Absurdist sports (or splorts, to be more accurate) simulator Blaseball will return for a new season on January 9, 2023. That day will also see the launch of the game's long-awaited mobile app, making it available outside of internet browsers for the first time.

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