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Twitch invites everyone to be accepting as part of TwitchUnity holiday

As Twitch has grown as a media platform, the company has been all about creating a place for everyone. They even have “Welcome everyone” written into their company values. This mentality has been adopted by its users, creating safe places for all people to interact.

On May 26th, Twitch invites users to join in to celebrate “TwitchUnity.” This will be a site-wide holiday celebrating inclusiveness and diversity on streams, chats, apps, and community. Acceptance is a huge part of what it means to bleed purple.

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For streamers, Twitch encourages them to take a moment to talk about what TwitchUnity means personally. Streamers are encouraged to celebrate their own way, but if they don’t know where to start, Twitch has provided a few questions below to get things going:

  • Tell us about a time that you were included in the Twitch community, and how it affected you. Why is including everyone important?
  • Who do you want to feel welcome on Twitch? What do you want to say to someone who may be concerned that they are not welcome in the Twitch community?
  • Why do you care about diversity? How do we benefit when our community is diverse?
  • What message of encouragement and inclusion would you like to give viewers/streamers?

All a streamer has to do to participate is set their stream to broadcast to the TwitchUnity Community. Additionally, Twitch has provided free graphics to integrate into the channel.

Viewers are also welcome to celebrate as well. Besides tuning in for a stream, viewers can use the TwitchUnity emote in chat from that day moving forward.

To promote TwitchUnity in real life, streamers, viewers, parents, and pets can show of their spirit with a special edition t-shirt. The shirt is available until May 26 for $24. All proceeds will go directly to Amnesty International.

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