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Classic platformer 'Unit 4' is set for an early 2017 launch on Xbox One

Gamera Interactive, an independent studio dedicated to developing games for next-gen systems, has announced its first release, Unit 4, which is set for launch in the first quarter of 2017.

The game, which will come exclusively to the Xbox One, is an “action platform game set in a sci-fi universe and features old-school action with its four different characters, each one with its own unique skill: Agility, Strength, Engineering, and Mysticism,” Gamera said in a release.

The game’s style follows that of a classic platformer, and the characters’ abilities involve both moving and jumping, in addition to other unique movements corresponding to their skills. While the game’s basic mode is single player, Unit 4 offers a cooperative multiplayer for up to four players at a time. Gamers work their way through levels filled with “crazy jumps, dangerous and ruthless enemies, deadly traps and both movement-based and logic-based puzzles,” the release said.

If you’re wondering about the origin of the game’s name, Unit 4 is the name of a special unit of agents that the player leads in the game, to “bring back home some sacred artifacts that have been stolen and save ancient worlds from collapse.”

According to the release, the interactive world in which the users play is the “star of the show,” as planets, asteroid fields, moons, and space stations are waiting to be discovered. Gamers can even customize the look of their avatar and spaceship. Unit 4 also features minigames that players can unlock while progressing through the game.

Alberto Belli, founder and CEO at Gamera Interactive, said the team had worked quite hard on the game and thinks it’s something special.

“We truly believe the gaming community is craving a fresh game like this, which is why we’re putting so much love into it,” Belli said.

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