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Watch Dogs: Legion’s online mode delayed to next year as Ubisoft focuses on bugs

Ubisoft is delaying Watch Dogs: Legion‘s upcoming multiplayer mode until 2021. The studio says it will focus on fixing the game’s technical issues, starting with a major patch next week.

The online update was set to launch on December 3, and would have added co-op missions and competitive modes to the game. It would have been Watch Dogs: Legion‘s first major content drop since the game’s release in October. Ubisoft says the mode will now launch in early 2021 but no specific date was given. The news comes just after the game’s price has dropped to $30 at some retailers ahead of Black Friday.

Ubisoft explained the decision in a blog post, citing players’ frustrating with the game’s current bugs. “Since the launch of Watch Dogs: Legion, some of you continue to have technical issues preventing you from enjoying the game. The dev team is committed to fixing these issues and will not stop until everyone can experience the game as intended,” says Ubisoft.

Next week, Ubisoft will launch a 2.20 patch that address the game’s stability and adds a manual save button on PC. The studio plans on further optimizing the game over the next month to achieve consistent a 60 frames per second on high-end graphics cards.

The situation is similar story to what happened with Marvel’s Avengers earlier this year. Square Enix delayed the game’s first major content drop to address bugs and instability issues that marred its launch.

In our review of Watch Dogs: Legion, we noted the game’s performance issues on PC, which caused the game to “inevitably crash” when trying to play with ray tracing enabled at 60 frames per second.

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