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Watch Dogs: Legion’s new zombie update available now

Watch Dogs: Legion’s 4.5 update introduces the Legion of the Dead game mode for PC players. Legion of the Dead is a multiplayer rogue-lite that pits players against a massive horde of zombies and enemy humans.

The mode is currently only available for the PC version of the game, and it is still in Alpha with Ubisoft promising more updates with player feedback. The update is currently live as of June 1.

Title Update 4.5 is now live on all platforms!
– New Online mode content
– Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead PC Alpha
– Helen is coming on June 15!

Full patch notes:
Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead info:

— Watch Dogs: Legion (@watchdogsgame) June 1, 2021

In the new DLC, players travel across the undead infested London to the extraction point with scarce resources and abilities. The game mode can be played solo, however up to four players can play together.

Players start off by picking weapons and abilities from a small selection before setting off to the extraction point somewhere on the map of London. Weapons and abilities are randomized and there is a chance to find more on the map itself. However, it does seem that hacking is not as important as it is in the main game.

Besides shambling undead horrors, players can run across human encampments that will be difficult to infiltrate but there is a higher chance to find new supplies in them. Fortunately, hacking abilities will be more important when fighting humans, but a trusty pistol is all players really need when going against the undead horde. The zombies are not bunched up together like the undead in games like Left 4 Dead, stealth is still the main way of traversing the map.

The 4.5 update for Watch Dogs: Legion is available now for PC and all consoles with the Legion of the Dead update available for only PC players.

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