World of Warcraft: Cataclysm cinematic intro debuts

world of warcraft cataclysm cinematic intro debuts dragon

Spouses, friends and significant others of gamers that play World of Warcraft, fear December 7 when the newest expansion for the MMORPG is released. If you need any important decisions made before that date, make sure that you get it done on December 6. Actually to be on the safe side, make it the 5th.

The two and a half minute cinematic opening to the new World of Warcraft expansion has debuted on the internet, while a shorter version aired during the Cowboys/Vikings game yesterday. There is probably a good joke in there about Brett Favre, but Cataclysm is serious business, leaving little time for hilariously inappropriate Favre jokes, who is currently losing charisma points at a rapid pace. That joke is much funnier if you know RPGs.

The trailer is short and sweet, and it features a dragon that has some serious anger issues. The expansion will also include two new races, new and revamped zones, new raids, new quests and dungeons, and new class builds for all races. Of course, if you are a fan of the game this is all old news by now. So enjoy the trailer below, and be sure to pay all your bills before December 7.