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Would you use Kinect for banking?

kinect-sdkWhen considering all of the things that are possible with Kinect, the notion of using it for real-world banking never really came to mind. That’s clearly not the case for everyone, though.

During this week’s CTIA conference, a Lithuanian company named Etronika showed off an application that uses Kinect’s motion-sensitive technology to manage finances and pay bills.

As reported by PC World, a demo of the application featured a user manipulating rows of icons using the system’s motion control, and navigating to a bill that required payment. The user then held up his smartphone to make an image of the phone appear on the television screen, and with a wave of his hand, sent a copy of the bill to his phone.

Etronika specializes in software used for online banking, though the Kinect application is still being developed and hasn’t been sold to any banks at this point. In fact, there’s some question as to whether it will ever find its way to banks, as Microsoft doesn’t allow developers to offer commercial products based on Kinect yet.

While a non-commercial Kinect developer kit (shown in the image above) was released by Microsoft in June, the company has yet to release a kit for commercial developers.

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