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WWE’s Xavier Woods has an ‘amazing’ Steam Deck travel hack

Xavier Woods stares menacingly during WWE Raw.

Looking for a new way to soup up your Steam Deck? WWE superstar Xavier Woods has a unique portable setup you might want to try.

Ahead of this weekend’s Wrestlemania XL, WWE Superstars gathered in Philadelphia for a week of fan activities. That included a WWE 2K24 tournament hosted by Woods, a member of the decorated tag team The New Day and host of the YouTube gaming channel UpUpDownDown. Ahead of the tournament, I chatted with Woods backstage about how he’s able to keep up with new games while constantly traveling. He revealed his ingenious Steam Deck hack that’s worth trying out.

“I have an Espresso monitor, which is an Australian monitor company,” Woods tells Digital Trends. “It’s a 17-inch monitor that plugs directly into the Steam Deck and blows the screen up. And there are two USB-C ports on the monitor, so if you put your charger in, it charges the Steam Deck while you’re playing. So I move to a controller and I’m playing on a 17-inch TV while I’m flying through the air. It’s amazing. We had the stewardess playing Tekken with us the other day!”

If you’re curious about trying that for yourself, you’ll have to shell out a bit for it. The 4K Espresso 7 Pro (complete with a stand) currently sells for $800. If you want to cut down that price, Espresso has a few cheaper 13- and 15-inch monitors available for purchase.

An Espresso 17 Pro sits on a table.

So, what’s Woods playing these days? Tekken 8 is currently in his rotation with King as his main character (he’s working on Jack). He’s also been playing Last Epoch, which was released in February. He praises the Diablo-like action RPG for its more streamlined gameplay and an offline mode that allows him to play while flying. And, of course, he’s been fighting for Super Earth in Helldivers 2.

“For democracy, my dude,” Woods says. “Nothing else matters. Let’s get these bugs and these robots!”

You can play as Xavier Woods himself in the recently released WWE 2K24. You can also catch him in action during Wrestlemania XL this weekend. He’ll be tagging with New Day companion Kofi Kingston this Saturday in a six-team ladder match for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship.

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