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The Steam Deck is the cheapest its ever been in new sale

A Steam Deck sitting on top of a PC.
Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

If you’ve ever wanted a Steam Deck, but didn’t want to pay the exorbitant price, you can now get one for its cheapest price ever. Valve announced Monday that you can now get a 64GB or 512GB Steam Deck LCD model for 15% off until July 11.

This is an amazing deal if you’ve ever wanted to get into handheld gaming, as it puts the lowest-priced 64GB Steam Deck under $300 for the first time. It’s normally $349, but you can get it for $297 during this deal. Meanwhile, the larger 512GB model, which comes with more and faster storage, a more durable display, and a Steam profile bundle, can be bought for $382 — down from $449.

The catch is that these are the first-generation models, which have 1280 x 800 LCD screens compared to the newer Steam Deck OLED’s, well, OLED panels. The older handhelds also have smaller batteries (up to only eight hours versus the OLED’s 12, although that depends on your settings and the game you’re playing), support up to a 60Hz refresh rate (compared to the OLED’s 90Hz), and older Wi-Fi. While the OLED is not technically a “next-generation” iteration, it makes enough improvements that it might not be worth getting a lesser version.

The sale arrives as Valve is discontinuing these two models and looking to unload its stock. Still, even the 64GB deal is excellent. Sure, it comes with slower storage and 64GB is going to fill up quickly, but it’s easy to add more space via a microSD card and/or an SSD. And with the huge discount, you’ll have even more money for extra storage. And considering the peak Steam Deck OLED model is $649 right now, it’ll probably feel extra nice to save that much.

Carli Velocci
Carli is a technology, culture, and games editor and journalist. They were the Gaming Lead and Copy Chief at Windows Central…
3 new games on Steam to check out this weekend (June 7-9)
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This weekend will be full of new game trailers and content shown at Summer Games Fest and other gaming showcases, but don't let the new announcements distract you from the great games that just came out. While the waiting time between new console game releases can seem to drag on forever sometimes, new games are always released on Steam.

If you need a game to jump into between showcases this weekend and want to try something new, here are three recently released games on Steam that are worth checking out based on initial reviews. The first game is a retro platformer with a challenging but fun twist. The second entry is a modern asymmetrical survival horror game based on a cult classic sci-fi film from the '80s. And lastly, we've got an online sandbox survival title that's making waves in early access.

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Deadlock is a new hero shooter developed by Valve, according to leaks
Three heroes lined up in green, red, and blue shades.

Valve might be more known for its Steam Deck handheld and its video game retail platform Steam these days, but according to leaks, the company is working on its next game —  a third-person, hero-based shooter known as Deadlock.

Screenshots of the game and basic details were posted on X (formerly Twitter) by noted Valve game data miner Gabe Follower and on YouTube by Tyler McVicker, who also has a proven track record of leaking Valve info. Both posted about Deadlock first on Thursday, saying it would feature teams of six battling each other on a map with four lanes. It would also feature art that looks inspired by DOTA, the company's multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) series, with steampunk mixed in for good measure.

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Hades 2 shows the Steam Deck’s biggest advantage over the Nintendo Switch
A Steam Deck sits next to a Switch OLED.

It's always an exciting week when the sequel to one of the greatest games of all time surprise releases on a Monday. That's what happened on May 6 when Hades 2 surprise launched into early access. Players are already diving into the surprisingly robust roguelike, testing their might in its new biomes. I've been enjoying it myself from the comfort of my couch -- and not on my Nintendo Switch, where I played the first Hades. Instead, I'm curled up with my Steam Deck.

The PC-only launch means that Hades 2 is a Steam Deck "exclusive" for the time being (or at least exclusive to portable PCs like it and the Asus ROG Ally). It'll likely come to Nintendo's system -- or its predecessor -- once it hits 1.0, but developer Supergiant doesn't expect its game to leave early access until at least the end of 2024. Until then, you'll need a device like the Steam Deck to play it on the go. That's a reminder that Valve has beaten the Switch at its own game, and Nintendo will have to get creative again with its next system to regain its throne.
Early access on the go
Based on my time with it so far, Hades 2 is a phenomenal match for the Steam Deck. It's already Verified for the platform, and for good reason. It looks fantastic (especially on an OLED screen) and runs smoothly. I've already taken it on the go and found that it's not a huge drain on the Steam Deck's battery. At this point, I don't imagine I'll need to play it any other way.

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