Xbox 360-exclusive Resident Evil 6 DLC adds new multiplayer modes

Resident Evil 6 -- Predator mode DLC

Say what you will about Resident Evil 6we described it as this year’s “most spectacular failure” — but one thing you can’t deny is that Capcom is simply unwilling to cut its losses and let the game pass silently into the mists of time. Despite being the most controversial, arguably worst entry in the long-running survival horror series, the House of Mega Man has steadily been adding to the title through downloadable content (both free and not so free) since its debut and while none of these additions have improved the core campaign, they have expanded it quite a bit.

This morning, Capcom debuted its latest DLC add-on for Resident Evil 6. Actually, that should read “add-ons,” as the latest addition to the game comes in the form of three separate online multiplayer game modes. Each of these will set you back $4 individually, though if you pick up the entire lot all at once you’ll only be charged $9.

It’s also probably important to mention that as of right now, these new DLC modes are only available for the Xbox 360 iteration of Resident Evil 6. We’d like to assume they will eventually be released for the PlayStation 3 version of the game, but as is often the case with these time-sensitive exclusivity arrangements all promotional material related to the DLC lists these new modes as “Xbox 360 exclusive.”

Alright, with all the caveats out of the way, let’s discuss what exactly you would be getting for your hard-earned scratch. Capcom offers a succinct description of each of these online multiplayer modes, so let’s see what the company has cooked up:


In a series of quick fire rounds, up to six players take their turn as the fearsome Ustanak with full access to its weapons, while the others must avoid capture or worse. Human players score points for successful attacks, but lose points for being caught or taken down. The match is over once all have played as the Ustanak, with the participant with the most points crowned as the winner.


This is the Resident Evil 6 take on the classic solo and team based deatchmatch mode. Like Predator, you’ll compete for the highest score, but once a player is taken out, they respawn as one of the game’s enemy characters, and must then defeat another human character in order to return to the fray as their original player character. Survivors is available for two to six players.


Chaining combos is the key to success in this two player mode where each must clear waves of oncoming enemies. The twist comes when a player completes a combo chain as this will send enemies over to their opponent’s screen. Expect the balance of power to constantly shift in this intense addition to the Resident Evil 6 experience.  

As we mentioned previously, each of these modes can be yours for $4 (or $9 for the entire set), though given the largely negative critical and fan response to Resident Evil 6 as whole, we won’t necessarily urge you to rush out and pick these things up immediately. We leave that up to your own subjectivity, though had the game been more affectionately received these additional multiplayer modes do seem like they could be quite entertaining. They’re obviously patterned after arcade-style shooter gameplay, and may not appeal to those who play Capcom’s flagship horror series specifically for tense moments of zombie-fueled panic, but they could serve as a nice contrast for those times when you’d rather fire off a few thousand rounds at your buddies than into the decrepit, shambling corpses upon whose rotting backs Capcom has made hundreds of millions of dollars over the years.

It’s just too bad there isn’t some way to test each of these modes for their entertainment value prior to dropping your money on them. Even taken all together, $3 per game mode is pretty pricey and we all know how much heat Capcom has taken over the past year for its decisions regarding downloadable content. The best we can do for you are the videos demonstrating each of the aforementioned DLC offerings you can find embedded next to their descriptions. Let us know if these things either convince you to purchase, or ensure that your wallet stays snugly tucked inside your purse or back pocket.