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Seven new games will be added to the Xbox One Game Pass in August

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Microsoft revealed seven games will be added to its Xbox Game Pass subscription service on Tuesday. The additions include a mix of genres and an assortment of indies and AAA titles, including an Xbox One exclusive.

The seven games:

  • Dead Rising 3: An Xbox One launch game, Dead Rising 3 may not exactly entice longtime Xbox One owners, but the zombie slaying sim is good fun and adds to the Game Pass’ AAA offerings with an exclusive.
  • Dirt Rally: A 2016 release, Dirt Rally is one of the better racers on Xbox One not named Forza. Dirty Rally has an impressive garage of cars, and enough differentiation in tracks to keep you playing for a while.
  • Limbo: This eery 2010 indie from Playdead is simply a marvel in almost every way. From the ambiance to the puzzles to the mysteries that surround its dark narrative, several years after its launch, Limbo is still one of the best indies around.
  • Metal Slug XXAn old-school action platformer, Metal Slug XX is the 2010 remake of Metal Slug 7 (Nintendo DS). Metal Slug XX includes seven levels and three difficulty levels. The game can get pretty tough, so sometimes its nice to use the local co-op feature with a friend. Metal Slug XX is the second entry in the franchise to be included in the subscription, joining Metal Slug 3.
  • So Many MeA Lemmings-style puzzle-platformer, players guide Filo and his clones through levels, each of which contains three successively more difficult puzzles. The vibrant and colorful So Many Me originally launched in 2014.
  • UltratronWith a futuristic style infused with a grade of retro, Ultratron follows in the tradition of top-down shooters. Across its 40-plus levels, Ultratron revises old arcade games such as Robotron: 2084, and delivers a layer of RPG strategy beneath its arcade format.
  • Pharaonic: Set in Ancient Egypt, this sidescrolling action RPG sends you off on a quest to find the Red Pharaoh. With a steep difficulty level and engaging combat system, Pharaonic was one of many underappreciated gems to launch in 2016.

The Xbox Game Pass launched in June with more than 100 titles spanning both Xbox 360 and Xbox One eras. For $10 a month, Xbox One owners gain access to all existing and upcoming Game Pass titles, as long as you keep an active subscription. The seven new additions come after July’s update which added seven of its own — Dead Island Definitive Edition, Resident Evil 6, The Flame in the Flood, Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition, Bard’s Gold, Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine, and F1 2015.

If interested in any of the new titles, remember, Microsoft offers a free 14-day trial for the Xbox Game Pass.

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