PS4 and Xbox One break Amazon pre-order records during E3 2013

Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 Controllers

Amazon must be pleased with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One right now, as the two consoles together are responsible for the online retailer’s biggest week of pre-orders ever, the Financial Post reports. The first day alone of that record-breaking week – the week of E3 2013 – saw combined pre-sales for both next-gen consoles surpassing Amazon’s overall video game sales numbers from Black Friday 2012, the biggest shopping day of the year in the U.S., by almost 200 percent.

In total, PS4 and Xbox One orders during the week of E3 beat console orders from the same period in 2012 by 4,000 percent. Granted, the only new console on display during E3 2012 was Nintendo’s Wii U, but the numbers are still impressive.

Amazon is not the only retailer experiencing high volumes of next-gen console pre-orders. GameStop confirmed that Xbox One orders sold out in all brick-and-mortar locations shortly after E3. Demand will only increase too, now that Microsoft reversed its controversial policies. Meanwhile Sony has high hopes for the PS4, and GameStop employees have said that Sony is allocating a high number of consoles for launch day in the retail stores.