Xbox One coming to Japan and 25 other territories in September 2014

xbox one coming japan 25 territories september 2014 launch 14

Following a strong launch in several regions around the world including Western Europe and North America, the Xbox One is preparing to continue its global march later this year. Microsoft confirmed that this September the Xbox One will launch in 26 more regions, including Japan, parts of Europe, and Israel.

The regions being targeted are:

• Argentina

• Belgium

• Chile

• Colombia

• Czech Republic

• Denmark

• Finland

• Greece

• Hungary • India

• Israel

• Japan

• Korea

• Netherlands

• Norway

• Poland

• Portugal

• Russia • Saudi Arabia

• Singapore

• Slovakia

• South Africa

• Sweden

• Switzerland

• Turkey


The Xbox One currently holds the record for the most successful Xbox launch to date, and this second wave of launches should only help with that. The latest sales figures were released in January and showed more than 3.5 million consoles have been shipped. That number is out of date by now, especially with the release of Titanfall, which no doubt helped to move a notable amount of units. We should hear updated sales numbers sometime next month at the latest, following the release of the quarterly sales figures.

Microsoft is promising more information on the upcoming launches sometime in April.