Xbox One stereo headset adapter opens up voice chat options in early March

xbox one stereo headset adapter opens voice chat options early march

Along with the forthcoming party/multiplayer system update, Microsoft will be releasing a stereo headset and headset adapter for the Xbox One in early March, as Xbox Wire confirms. So far, the only official Microsoft support for voice chat on the Xbox One has come in the form of the headset packed in with the console. The upcoming stereo headset appears to offer a more comfortable alternative that doubles as an all-in-one audio/voice chat solution. It also ships with the stereo headset adapter, which slots into the bottom of your controller to allow any headset with a standard 3.5mm connector to plug in. It also supports Xbox 360 headsets with a 2.5mm connector.

The stereo headset + adapter combo will sell for $79.99 when it comes out in “early March,” but the headset adapter will also be sold separately for $24.99. If you’ve got the existing Xbox One headset – and you should, since that it shipped with the console – then you already have a sense of what the adapter looks like. It’s the piece that plugs into the base of the controller, with volume controls and a mute button. The difference with the adapter is that, instead of a built-in wire leading to a chat-only headset, you’ll have an audio jack that you can plug any supported headset into.

There’s no specific release date for the headset and adapter, but much like the console’s system update, we expect they’ll arrive before Titanfall launches on March 11.