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How to complete the A New Signature Food quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Side adventures in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom come in all shapes and sizes. Some can feel as important as your main quest, while others ... not so much. The "A New Signature Food" quest will likely fall into the latter category in terms of your overall objective of saving Hyrule, and yet is deadly serious for the residents of Hateno Village. We'll help you make this quest a piece of cake – or rather cheese – with this guide for Tears of the Kingdom.




20 minutes

What You Need

  • Start the Team Cece or Team Reede? side quest

How to complete the A New Signature Food quest

Once you've made it to Hateno Village, you will find Cece and Reede in a fierce debate about who holding a mayoral election. This will start the "Team Cece or Team Reede?" side quest, but for our purposes, you just need to track down Reede.

Step 1: After Reede leaves, track him down to his house. This is the mansion on top of the hill that's impossible to miss.

Reede explaining his plan to find a new taste.

Step 2: Speak to Reede to pick up the quest and learn that his plot to win the election comes down to making a special dish his grandfather used to make with the local cheesemaker.

Step 3: To help him remember the dish, head to the docks on the south side of town by Lake Sumac to find Koyin.

Step 4: This will divert you to another side adventure called "A Letter for Koyin" which you need to do first.

Link talking to a girl on the docks.

Step 5: Build yourself a boat of some kind to get close enough to the bottle in the lake to grab with Ultrahand and return it to Koyin.

Step 6: Speak to her again and follow her inside to get her to open her shop where she will start selling dairy products, including Hateno cheese.

Koyin finished making some cheese.

Step 7: Purchase one and bring it back to Reede.

Step 8: Reede will pay you a silver Rupee for completing the quest!

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